1. Piyush Sachdeva (Founder & MD, HTS)

Piyush Sachdeva is a sports maven, entrepreneur, social activist, and sports advisor. Formerly a national level cricketer from Haryana, Piyush Sachdeva today runs several sports NGOs that provide financial and non-financial support to struggling and economically-challenged athletes. He is the founder and MD of the sports and entertainment management company High Times Solutions, which focuses on delivering world-class sporting solutions and the overall development of sports. In addition, he also runs several sports NGOs including India Sport, India Road Runners, and Women Sports Foundation.

Piyush’s multifaceted professional career spans over 8 years of experience in Research, Marketing Communications, and Experiential Marketing. An early starter in life, Piyush completed his graduation from the University of Delhi at the same time pursuing his professional career. He is an MBA (Marketing & International Business). Probably the youngest C.E.O & Managing Director in the organized form of the industry, Piyush is a relationship man. Constant innovation, leadership, and a humble, yet aggressive attitude have earned Piyush respect and admiration within the industry, both in India and overseas.

2. Harsh (Director)

3. Sumit Singh (CMO)

4. Rennie Joyy(Advisor, Marketing Communications)

5. Dheeraj (GM, Marketing)